Offices, Lobby, Daycare Rooms

Author: CharVid Janitorial Services |

  • Empty all trash receptacles and replace liners as needed. Remove trash to a collection point
  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Clean, Sanitize and polish drinking fountain/water cooler
  • Thoroughly Sanitize all horizontal surfaces, including desktops, files, windowsills, chairs, tables, pictures and all manner of furnishings
  • Sanitize wipe all horizontal surfaces to remove coffee rings and spillage /w
  • Sanitize telephones
  • Dust mop hard surface floors with a treated dust mop
  • Damp Sanitize and mop hard surface floors to remove any spillage from soiled areas
  • Damp Sanitize and wipe entryway and clean fingerprints from entrance glass
  • Spot clean partition glass
  • Inspect and pick up, as needed, building entrance area